Spark Creativity In Kids With The My Create Crate

My Create Crate is a new monthly subscription box that offers children two projects, accessories and other goodies to give free rein to their creativity. The box is organized by Melanie, owner Of Imagine Studios in Rogers, Arkansas.

She sent her October box to the ODC HEADQUARTERS so that the girl and I could check it out. The short version: it’s a lot of fun for children who need a little incentive to let their creativity run wild or who lack supplies at home.

What does my Create Checkout contain?

Each month’s box office includes a canvas for a painting project, as well as a bonus project. As for the Halloween box that we tried, the Kit is included:

a blank canvas

a chipboard pumpkin

small colored cups

Brush and a sponge colored stain to make dots

a tube of glitter glue

PENCIL, ERASER and sharpener for drawing on materials

a variety of stickers, glitter, wide open eyes and temporary tattoos

it should also have included an imprint of a ghost model for the painting project, but this was excluded by us. We just found one on the Internet that we liked

In fact, we didn’t manage to photograph all the goodies, but the girl helped with an unboxing video:

How to use my creative box

The funny thing about my Create Crate product is that they have all the materials for the projects and a link to videos that Melanie makes her own Version and some variations.

If you have a child who likes to do “good” or pretend not to be creative or just not know what to do, these videos are a good place to start.

The girl and I looked at the finished projects in the videos, but she completely went her own way in terms of completing the projects. It’s really great.

It’s nice to have a little direction, but also enough materials to make it more open, and you can always use your creativity and create something that you really want to do. It’s about combining materials and Inspiration with some tips and seeing what happens.

What she did

The first project she tackled was the pumpkin. She wanted to make a gradient with green, yellow, Orange, pink and red.

It was really fun to see how carefully she mixed the colors and planned each strip, then went back and added a little more color to mix them.

She then added eyes and gems for a mouth and made a hair clip out of a glitter sticker. So cute.

The next step (the next day) was the ghost machine. We printed a stencil that she cut out, drew on her canvas and painted.

She decided that she wanted to make him a vampire ghost in a cemetery. She painted the sky with shades of Sapphire, green and purple, then added stars.

The tombs have funny names (The full name is Lord Cacklebones), and she added vampire teeth and a cape with a little Bling to complete the drawing.

A review of the children in my creative box

She told me that she had a lot of fun with the projects and that she thought it would be a good set for children aged 6 and over (she is 11 years old). For the youngest, the videos would also be useful to show them the basic techniques.

She’s a pretty smart kid in her own right and we have a lot of supplies in the house, but sometimes it’s nice to start with an idea from somewhere else and put her own stamp on it.

I think it would be fun for grandparents to have on hand for visits from grandchildren if they don’t have a lot of smart supplies in their house, or for someone who wants their child to start creating if they don’t consider themselves smart or have a lot of supplies at home.

How much does my create Checkout cost?

At the time of this writing, there are options to purchase a single month, three months or six months of my creative cash register.

The boxes are shipped before the 15th of each month, so it’s a great Option to have children on hand for Thanksgiving or as a Christmas gift for a creative child.

Have you already subscribed to an art box for children or matures? I would love to hear about it!

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