Simplicity In Folds: Create Lovely Fabric Hearts With Easy Origami

These flowers Stoffherzen well simply as a Decoration for Valentine’s Day, making a Card to add or what so ever You want.

I see a lot of Origami hearts this time of year and this got me thinking. I was wondering if something could with the fabric.

Now, of course, you can, and I have something else, guide you through the process.

Choice of fabric for Origami fabric hearts

From my heart (the Sapphire) consists of part of an old towel. The fabric is there, so I don’t think it dissolves.

The red one is a remnant of the girl’s hooded Ewok, who had it made for her birthday party a few years ago. It is inexpensive and loosely woven and started untangling the edges before finishing the project.

I don’t mind at all, but if you want cripsere edges, you can FRAY or sew narrow for the edge, or even Pink, the Cottagecore extra edges to stop the usability.

This is a good idea because this relatively thin fabric is easy to fold and can be compressed with an iron. Old shirts and T-shirts would be nice; old Jeans not so much.

The other key is that you need a piece of fabric, a square. For the Sapphire, I folded a corner of the fabric diagonally by half the size of my choice, then I cut out the edges. I also had to cut the veneered border on the outside of the fabric so that it was not perfectly square, but close enough. The red one, I designed the measurements of my quilt lines that it would be perfect.

How we fold the fabric heart

Once your fabric square is ready, it’s easy to make a fabric heart Origami.

First, preheat your iron. If your substance is aligned like a Diamond, fold the bottom corner up and press the fold.

Unfold it, then fold the right corner into the left corner and press the fold. Unfold. You have pressed lines, angles on each side of the half and in the center of the fabric Cross.

Take the upper corner and bend it to the heart of the finished substance. Take the bottom corner and fold it to the top edge of this fold. Press the catch.

Fold the sides of the middle on the bottom of the substance so that the corners on the protruding folds you just made. Press the catch.

Fold the heart in half and cut the upper edges in a curve above the heart to form. Unfold. If desired, press again to lock all the folds.

Finish your heart

There are many ways to give yourself time to finish Origami fabric hearts, depending on how you want to use them. As it is, you have a small bag, so keep this in mind when finishing/embellishing when packing the finished product you want to use.

The main goal is to prevent the unfolded heart, which is so easy to achieve, like fabric glue along the center folds, for you to use and take care on the spot.

You can also use a strip to cut and glue this “sewing” cover or use witchcraft or a similar fixable product to sew to hold it.

For the red heart, I used embroidery floss to sew a stitch scale on the sides and in the middle the two “parts” of the heart that I incorporated into the fabric on the other side, as shown.

Leave it, but I decided to add another small doodle with a different color of dental floss, which will create more scales.

You can really go further and further to make stripes or racks, fasten with catchs, Add embroidery to what so ever you want.

I think I’m going to make my Christmas cards, but you can also use them for a little treat to keep. Or make a garland or wreath. So cute!

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