Simple Owl Craft Using Paper Bowls For Kids

Scream, Scream! Here is an adorable paper bowl owl craft for kids that is so much fun!

Owls tend to be associated with the autumn season, but this is a great craft that you can do with the little ones at any time of the year. We have also included a free printable tembowl for the owls to make it easier for you.

This paper bowl owl is a quick craft that you can make with children of all ages, especially toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children. Children need the help of tires, especially to cut the parts according to their age and abilities.

We used paper doilies to make our owl’s wings, which made them even more beautiful!

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Accessories you will need to make an owl kraft paper bowl:

Small Paper bowls

Painting or watercolor

Decorative Placemats



Printable owl tembowl (you can download it by subscribing to our Newsletter below.)

White A4 paper (to print the model)

Brown felt paper (optional)

How to make an owl out of paper bowls?

Make this owl craft so easy and fast. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Take a small paper bowl and paint it inside with watercolor or acrylic paint. We used a paper bowl About 18 cm in diameter and painted it with two layers of brown watercolor.

Once the paint has dried, cut a wide V-shape out of the paper bowl.

Let’s make the owl’s eyes, beak and paws. You can draw them or cut them out from our free tembowl. Download the owl tembowl by subscribing to our Newsletter below.

(After registering, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration. Once you have confirmed, you will receive another email with the details to access our printable library. You can find the owl pattern under the “Autumn” section of the print library. )

After downloading the tembowl, cut out the beak, paws and your favorite pair Of eyes.

Step 2

Now we glue the pieces on the paper bowl. First of all, we glue the spout. You can either dye the beak and paws brown, or use them as a tembowl for cutting out shapes from brown felt paper.

After gluing the spout, glue two eyes on each side.

To make the wings, cut half a paper doily and glue each piece behind both sides of the paper bowl.

Step 3

Now bend the wings a little inward and glue the paws. We used brown felt paper to make the legs.

Finally, we drew feathers on the owl’s body with silver metallic paint.

We made another owl and used our fingerprints to paint the feathers.

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