Rocking Teddy Bear Craft: Easy And Cute For Kids

Here is a charming paper bowl, a handmade teddy bear for children, perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day!

Children will love these cute little teddy bear swings to see if they are on the sides, press. With the heart-shaped teddy bear that says: “I love you like a bear”, this is a great idea for your loved one a smile.

This is a simple DIY for preschool children, kindergarten, elementary school in classrooms, playgroups or as part of picnic activities. It is a free and printable tembowl that you can download and use.

We also have a Pom Pom Teddy Bear craft that is perfect for teens and tweens. If you are looking for other DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, look for this flower and mother to child card fingerprint catch, Silhouette, Crafts.

The accessories you need to throw teddy bear paper bowls make Crafts

Three Paper bowls

Acrylic paint



The Teddy Bear Craft Tembowl (you can access our free printing service by clicking below to receive our Newsletter)

Two white A4 cardstock papers.


Colored pencils (optional)

How to throw teddy bear paper bowls from children’s crafts

Step 1

Get three paper bowls. Take two of them, hold them together and cut out a third of these paper bowls.

Now take the third paper bowl. Cut off the edge and take the circle.

Step 2

Glue the circle at the top along the straight line into one of the other two paper bowls.

Take the third paper bowls and place them outside. Now attach two stapler pins to the lower cardboard reality checks, near the sides of the circle.

Draw on each side with two curved lines and cut the paper bowls along these lines. Be careful not to cut the parts on which the stapler pins are located). The cuts must be made outside the pins of the stapler.

Step 3

The body of our teddy bear is ready. Children can now paint with acrylic paint.

While the paint is drying, download the teddy bear tembowl to download and print in A4 format, cardboard packaging.

Step 4

Let’s glue each part of the waffle on the teddy bear’s body. Glue the eyes and nose to the shape of the circle. Glue them under the heart-shaped nose and both hands on either side of the heart shape. Then glue the two legs.

Finally, place the ears behind the circle shape and write your special message on the heart shape. The handcrafted teddy bear is ready!

Now open the body of the teddy bear wider on the lower cardboard bowls, carefully, from the inside, spread them apart so that an inverted V-shape is visible on the sides. Place it on the table and gently pat it on the sides. You will see how The teddy bear, the rocks. Isn’t he so cute?!

I hope you like this cute teddy bear swing craft for kids!

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