Quarantine Crafting Essentials: Must-Have Supplies For Home

I know a lot of places are opening it, but where I live and a lot of other places to increase the number of suites and I think we will be at home as much as possible for the foreseeable future.

While I ordered a few things for special projects that the daughter wanted to do (and then decided that they weren’t sure once those items arrived), with what we have at home, we made guides and a lot.

If you’re looking to refill craft supplies or just have questions about what a very smart family tent always has on hand, here’s a great List to get you started.


There are so many good papers in which you can store important quarantine DIY supplies. But honestly, if you print blank paper, it will probably look good on you.

If you want to “send”, take a pack of construction paper, plain white card stock and maybe a pack of Scrapbooking paper.

Bonus points for watercolor or Mixed media Paper if you or the children like watercolor or Collage, but cardboard also works great.

The Minimum you need: Printer Paper

Other options, for more fun: construction paper / white cardboard / scrapbooking paper / watercolor

Characters and styles

A pack of colored pencils and another box of pencils that will guide you through many projects. My child is very fond of drawing, so she also has a fairly large number of pens and markers.

She particularly likes glitter pencils for her drawings, which are a little shiny.

Depending on the desire of the child (or you!) specialized drawing tools such as graphite pencils, more colors from your favorite tool, colored pencils, etc. could be just as useful.

The least you need: pencils-felt-tip pens / pencils / markers

More options for more fun: glitter pencils / colored pencils / graphite drawing pencils


Painting is one of our main do-it-yourselfers, but it seems that more has been painted since we have been at home.

At least a simple Supermarket watercolor palette that gives children and matures the opportunity to play with color, but you can also add finger paint for the little ones (or yours) and the sky is the limit for other types of colors.

We have a stash of washable paints that we have had for about six years and we are finally at the bottom, and of course I have a random collection of acrylic paints.

While you’re at it, why not try out your plaster room and/or make a paint pouring stand (which is a good way to use up small scraps)?

The least you need: watercolors

More options for more fun: finger paint / washable / acrylic paint

Fabrics and Sewing accessories

Because I love sewing, I also find sewing essential. The good news is that you probably have things at home that you can use even if you don’t need to sew a lot.

Old T-shirts and Jeans or other clothes can be used as material to create used embroidery designs or pillows, headbands and other fun processing projects. You can cut and sew squares.

You can use any thread you have on hand, but a beautiful embroidery floss Phrase is always a good idea. If you buy it, maybe take a cross-stitch fabric or simple Bandanas if you can find them.

The least you need: fabric/ needle / thread

More options for more fun: embroidery floss / cross stitch fabric / sewing kit

My favorite among the must-haves for crafts: yarn

Those who know me know that I am above all a knitter, so naturally I am putting myself on my List.

You may think that you don’t have a yarn because you don’t know how to knit or crochet (but now is the perfect time to learn!). But there are many things that you can do with yarn or without these skills.

How, for example? Make Pompoms. Foam fingers. Or Hook On The Finger. Make acorns. Wrap things in thread.

You can also use thin thread for sewing projects, embroidery and patterns on other things.

Try weaving or macrame. There are so many different things with yarn to do it.

With recommendations, it’s more difficult. Anything you like is a great place to start. There are actually many high-quality cables available at your local Craft mega powerr or even at Walmart with Craft Service.

I bought the girl from Red Heart Super Saver in all the colors of the rainbow because you want a cheerleader. She has about four Pompoms, but the yarn is also suitable for other useful projects.

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