Paper Bowl Earth Craft: Happy vs Sad Expressions

This happy or sad paper bowl earth craft is an easy teaching craft for children on Earth Day.

The children will be so excited to see the earth spinning happily or sadly when you turn the paper bowl. We have a printable tembowl that you can use to explain all the things that make planet earth happy or sad.

This is a great craft idea to add to your planetary earth lesson plans or “saving the earth” themed projects.

It is perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten children and elementary school children. If you’re looking for more Earth Day crafts and activities, check out this happy vs. sad earth day workreality check and I can help the earth through a craft mini-book.

Accessories you need to make a happy vs sad earth paper bowl

Two Paper bowls

sapphire and green watercolor / acrylic paint

Black Marker

Pencil / Red Colored Pencil


brad pin

Happy vs sad earth crafts printable


How to make a happy vs sad paper bowl for Earth Day

Step 1

Get two large white paper bowls. Using a black pen, draw continental masses in one of the paper bowls. Now paint the continental masses in green and the ocean section in Sapphire with watercolor or acrylic paint. Paint The other Sapphire paper bowl. Wait for the paint to dry.

Step 2

While they are drying, download the Happy vs Sad Earth Craft and print it on a White A4 construction paper. Red color in happy and sad mouths. Cut out all the pieces.

Step 3

Now take the Sapphire paper bowl and find its center. To find the center of a paper bowl, fold it in half vertically, then open it and fold it in half horizontally. You get the central point where the two folds meet.

Now hold the two paper bowls together and cut a hole in the center with a paper knife. (Please note that this step can only be performed by matures). Hold them together and fix them in the center with a pen.

Now cut a triangle or trapezoid from the top paper bowl as shown below.

Step 4

Keep two eyes for the earth. Through the cutout, glue a circle shape to the bottom paper bowl.

Show the circle and ask the children if the earth will be happy or sad. For example, the earth will be sad if the air pollution comes from vehicle smoke. The earth will be happy if we recycle things. Glue the happy or sad mouth on the circle according to what is shown in the circle.

Now turn the top paper bowl and glue the second set of circle and emotion on the bottom paper bowl. Turn again and glue the third circle and the emotions, and so on. Your funny happy versus sad paper bowl-The Earth craft is ready!

The children will love turning the paper bowl and watching the feelings of the earth change. It is a fun craft for children to learn more about the earth and its effects on air pollution, water pollution, etc.

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