How to make a paper spider craft for kids

Make Crafts this Halloween with the super easy little paper spiders!

This is not a scary 3D Spider craft so much fun with the kids and they will love to give their colorful Spider paws!

It comes with a printable version of the tembowl, cut it, color it, fold it and make it easy to paste for the paper spider. This is an easy and quick Halloween DIY for babies, preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary school.

Glue a thread behind The Spider Craft and hang it as a permanent part of your Halloween decoration at home or in classrooms. The children can thus play with the doll. My daughter loved her own colorful paper spider and a feint that talked about driving!

The accessories you need for a binding paper spinning craft:

White A4 Cardboard

School glue

pencils, markers, etc.

wire (optional)

Adhesive tape (optional)


The Spider Craft Tembowl (you can access our free printing service by clicking below to receive our Newsletter)

How should I make a Halloween paper spider craft?

Step 1

Download The Printable Spider Craft in PDF format here. You can consult our printable library by clicking below to receive our Newsletter.

Once this is done, you will receive another email with a link and a password for our access to the printable library. Open the printable library and you will find our spider crafts to print in the “Halloween” section.

Download the tembowl to download and print it on an A4 cardboard.

Step 2

Cut out the large rectangle and ask the children to color the smaller rectangles. We used pencils and markers for our painting. Once the coloring is complete, cut out small rectangles. You get 8 strips of paper, the legs in the shape of the Spider.

Step 3

Use the large white rectangle, another rectangle of colored Paper, to trace and cut out. (Or you can just color the rectangle white). Make a small V-shaped fold on one side, followed by a large V-shaped fold. The small V-fold is the spider’s face and the large V-fold of its body.

Now bend the Spider’s legs towards us. Make a small fold followed by a large V-shaped fold on all the legs of the Spider.

Step 4

Place the spider’s legs on your body one by one

Step 5

Finally, draw a face for the spider, and the simple paper spinning is over!

Now a thread hides behind it and hangs them on the wall!

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