Easy Popsicle Stick Haunted House Craft For Kids

Are you looking for an easy Halloween DIY for children? We have a cute scary haunted house on a stick, a great Halloween project with children at home or in class can do it.

We also have free Halloween characters to print and at this haunted house with popsicle sticks in hand. Kids love to decorate their haunted house to make it scary to do what so ever they want!

This simple ice cream stick house has a felt door that allows you to open and close! Stick a ghost and a BOO sticker behind the door to make the door more fun to open!

If you are looking for another haunted house-fantastic do-it-yourself idea, you will like this haunted house made of recycled cardboard, we work with paper rolls and a cardboard box. Or do you want a little more complex ice cream on the stem house to deal with teenagers and tweens? So, take a look at this homemade Halloween-themed 3D ice cream and add some.

The accessories you need for a haunted house stick popsicle craft:

10 ice cream


Felt reality check (if you don’t have a felt, you can use cardboard)


PVA glue (or hot glue, just ripening, can not be used).

Halloween figurines to print (you can access our prints by clicking below to receive our Newsletter).

Blank cardboard (to print the model)

Map markers

How an ice haunted house works along the stem

Step 1

First of all, we need ten ice creams for this haunted house to be built. We used giant ice to build our house.

Now we need to start painting them. We have eight sapphires and two brown-painted ices. The Sapphire sticks to the wall and the brown sticks to the roof of our haunted house.

Step 2

Place the three glasses horizontally, as shown in the image. Arrange two of them side by side, and the third slightly down.

Insert place a pin at an angle on each side of these horizontal pins to create a closed system of the form. We used PVA glue. If you are using PVA glue, you may have to wait a while for the glue to dry. You can also use hot glue to make it faster. Please note that the materials are hot-welded.

Now glue more than three parallel oblique mirrors on the right side.

Step 3

Now we make the roof.

Glue the two ice brunettes along the bar in the opposite direction in a V-shape on top of the wall.

Step 4

After the ice is glued along the stem, we make a door. Cut a small rectangular felt of the same height as the door.

Turn the house to the other side. Apply glue to the left side of the door and glue the felt on it. Place the felt, sticking slightly at an angle, in the same shape as the door to get.

Once the glue has dried, turn the house over again and you will see the felt door that will allow you to open and close it.

If you think that the door is a little larger and you cannot open it easily, you want the sides to be able to be cut easily.

Step 5

Cut the squares into the shape from page 2 of the print and use them as a tembowl for a square shape of yellow felt for Cutting. Let’s make a window out of the felt.

Draw two black lines, one horizontal and one vertical, on the felt square and glue the haunted house from the stem.

Step 6

It’s time to decorate the house.

Cut strips of felt paper and glue them to the side of the door and window.

Dyeing, cutting and gluing of the fireplace of the house. Color all the other characters as you like, cut them out and stick them on the stem house ice cream.

Don’t forget a few characters behind the door. We have a mind and The “BOO” sticker sticks!

We stuck a spider on the roof, pumpkins, ghosts and a witch’s hat on the wall. Be as creative as you want with this part. We are sure that the children will greatly enjoy this part of their Halloween decoration at home!

Our simple scary popsicle stick hut is over! The children have so much fun playing with this interactive house, opening and closing the door and peeking in!

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