Easy Chinese Lantern Craft For Kids With Printable Template

The lanterns are available in many colors and shapes. We have a simple round Chinese lantern craft with Paper and a paper roll.

This beautiful lantern craft comes with a free printable tembowl that you can cut, fold and simply stick on a roll of paper. This is a simple Chinese New Year crafts for children, including preschoolers, kindergarten children and schoolchildren.

Decorate your classrooms and your home by hanging these colorful balloon-shaped lanterns everywhere and get into the New Year’s spirit!

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Accessories you need to make Chinese lanterns for children:

Two Rolls Of Toilet Paper

School Glue / Glue Stick

Hot glue (mature only)


Printable Chinese lantern art (you can access our free printables by signing up for our Newsletter below).

Four red A4 construction papers

A yellow A4 construction paper

Markings (Optional)

Ruler (Optional)

Wire / Thread

How to make a Chinese lantern craft for children

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a simple ball-shaped Chinese lantern craft.

Step 1

First, download the printable PDF of the Chinese lantern. You can access our printable library by subscribing to our Newsletter below.

After registering, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription and after your confirmation, you will receive another email with a link and a password to access our printable library. Open the printable library and you will find our printable Chinese lantern in the “Chinese New Year” section.

In the PDF organize, page 1 contains three circle shapes and page 2 contains two rectangle shapes. Print four copies of page 1 on red A4 construction paper and one copy of page 2 on yellow A4 construction paper

Step 2

Cut out all the shapes of circles and rectangles. We will need 10 to 12 circular shapes to make this lantern craft.

Step 3

You will see small dotted lines on the circles. Make two folds on the circle along these lines, with the lines back. You can use a ruler to make the turn more accurate.

Step 4

Fold all the circles in the same way.

Step 5

Take an empty toilet roll. We will glue the folded circles around this roll of paper. (These circles have a diameter of 10 cm, which corresponds to the height of most paper rolls).

Apply a little glue to the paper roll from top to bottom. Glue a folded circle with the central part on the glue.

Now glue the second folded circle near the first, then the third circle, then the fourth, and so on. When gluing, be sure to glue the flaps of the circles to the ones next to them.

Step 6

Glue all the circles around the paper roll until the paper roll is completely covered and has a 3D lantern look.

Now cut two circle shapes about 1 cm wide from another roll of paper.

Hot glue these circular shapes, one at the top and one at the bottom, on our spherical lantern. Please note that the materials must be hot-glued.

Step 7

Now have the children draw patterns with marks on the yellow rectangular strips of paper. Glue these strips of paper around the upper and lower circles that we just hot-glued.

Cut thin strips of yellow construction paper and glue them to the bottom of the lantern.

A Mature can now hot glue a small wire or a wire to the other side of the lantern to hang it.

Our beautiful Chinese lantern is ready!

Now make several colorful lanterns, hang them on the door, entrance, trees and have fun!

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