5 Ways To Make Pom Poms And Creative Uses

My daughter and I love making Pompoms with yarn. This is a really simple and soothing craft and you can use it in different ways. She is working very slowly on a pompom rug (similar to the one from Simplify Create Inspire, but in rainbow colors), but if you don’t feel like making about 100 Pompoms, few are fun for projects.

There are many ways to make Pompoms with things that you buy or that you have in the house. Here are five methods roughly ranked in order from my favorite to least favorite based on the finished product.

My absolute favorite Pom Poms are made with store-bought pom pom makers. And my favorite pompom makers are Clover Brand. I love the extra large one because it makes big puffy Pompoms, but all sizes are great. You may want the complete set for a variety of projects.

These pompom makers are really easy to use. You have two pieces that fit together and the pieces have arms that pivot. Align the two parts so that the arms are together.

Wrap the thread all around a few arms, cut the thread and repeat on the other side.

Click the arms in Position on the circle. Using scissors, cut the middle in the middle the two arms all the way around. Use another piece of thread to tie the center of the pompom tightly, then remove the circles. Fluff and cut your Pom-Pom.

Cardboard Stencils Pompoms

In fact, I was quite surprised to see how much I liked making Pompoms with a classic cardboard tembowl. To do this, you only need a piece of cardboard and two round objects (I used the lid of a glass candle for the outer ring and a water bottle lid for the inner ring).

The largest circle, the smallest circle in the center of the largest circle. Cut a slit in the side of the larger circle so that you can cut out the smaller circle. I cut one out, then I used it as a tembowl to cut out the second one because I didn’t center the circle on the second one.

Cut into the outer circle again so that one corner comes out of the circle. This is how you wrap the yarn, so make it big enough to make it easy (I actually made mine bigger after I started).

Place the two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Wrap the wire all the way around, making sure to completely cover the slices, but try to prevent the wire from falling off the ends.

Cut the thread all the way around in the middle the two slices. Use another piece of wire to secure the center and remove the slices.

Pompoms In A Roll Of Paper Towels

If you have two empty tubes of toilet paper rolls or paper towels, you have everything you need to make good Pompoms. Just hold the tubes together and wrap your yarn around both as many times as you want (pro tip: More yarn = bigger and fluffier pompom).

When you are done, cut your thread and use another piece to tie the center of the bundle in the middle the tubes. I found it easier to tie a tight knot if I slipped a tube before tying it.

Then cut the thread on each side and fluff and cut as needed.

Making Pompoms with your hands

You can also simply make Pompoms with your hand, wrap the thread around your hand, peel it off so that you can tie it in the middle (or someone else can help you with your hands), and then cut it on the sides.

I used a faux fur yarn for this yarn, just for fun. It looks like a Tribble. I agree with that.

Pompoms with loom tool

Here is another tool that you can buy to make small Pompoms (also pompoms, braids and other little things with yarn and thread).

Loome Party is a book released that contains this small tool that looks like a slingshot with grooves that you can use to create many small yarn projects.

To make a pompom, insert the end of the thread into a groove, wrap the thread around the pins as many times as you want and cut the thread when you are done. The room was clean and the bed was comfortable.

This is very similar to using your hand, but on a much smaller scale. If you need a few Pompoms to decorate cards or for other purposes, this is a great Option. (If you need even smaller Pompoms, you can do the same with a fork.)

Ways to use Pompoms

Now that you know how to make Pompoms and I’ve convinced you to make a bunch of them, what should you do with them?

If you make enough of them or combine them with purchased Pompoms, you can create a Pompom photo frame, as in this tutorial from the Art Kit Blog. The girl actually covered a Mason jar like this with purchased Pompoms, but it would be fun to do it with the ones she makes herself too.

I also have a Christmas wreath made of wire pompoms, but you can use any color and use it as a decoration for a Craft room. She also has a super cute spring wreath with pompom sheep.

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